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Welcome to our Web site and thank you for taking the time to read a little more about us!!

Beestekraal Station Restaurant was the initiative of Bennie Hattingh.The old Station building had been used in the past by people selling vegetables and passing one day Bennie thought that it would be a nice place for people to get together and eat a hot dog.Well it turned into far more than that.
We worked on and off for a year on the decoration.People would drop off antiques every now and then and they still do.They donít want it, but donít want to throw it away, and so we can display it.
Opening day happened in October 2005.

Bennie being in the Timber industry made most of the seating and also built the deck in front.The Station just grew up all by itself, each thing happening at the right time.Our main clientele now, consist of tourists traveling north or to game lodges in the area and passers by, but lets not forget the locals who got us going.
The Station Master from 1949 arrived one day and told us that the tar road wasnít there in his time and leopards would hunt down Impala in front of the station building.Farmers would arrive on ox drawn carts to fetch and drop off goods.He was there for 6 months before he saw the first female.

Live well, Laugh Often, Love much!

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